President Trump's V.A. Nominee Jackson In Peril

PHOTO:  Getty Images

President Trump's pick to head up the Veterans Administration, White House Doctor Ronny Jackson, is under fire.  His appointment hearing was already postponed, and now there are less than savory allegations that have come out about Dr. Jackson's time at the White House.

However, most of these allegations took place while one Barack Hussein Obama was occupying the Oval Office.  So, naturally, he was good enough for Obama, but when Trump wants him, he's toxic.  

Try not to let this destroy your faith in the Media; who, by the way, were also getting pills from this guy.

For those interested, said pills were reportedly Ambien - a favortie of the Kennedys.  

For his part, Admiral/Dr. Jackson is taking it all in stride:


There are some other entertaining tweets, but they're inappropriate for polite company.


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