VB The Wise: Yup, dandruff!

Trump Macron State Dinner - Getty Images

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George H.W. Bush once vomited in the Prime Minster of Japan's lap. Barack Obama once gave the Prime Minister of Great Britain a gift of 25 DVDs that didn't work in European DVD players. And now Donald Trump has announced to the world that French President Emmanuel Macron has dandruff.

In case you missed it, as POTUS Trump posed for pictures with Macron in the Oval Office on Tuesday, he was asked about the budding relationship between the two men. Trump said, "We have a very special relationship. I'll get that little piece of dandruff off... we have to make him perfect, he is perfect." With that the president proceeded to flick something off of Macron's shoulder.

So here's my take on this. As he prepared to make his official state visit to Washington, Macron must have gone over a thousand possible scenarios in his head of things that could happen with Trump. But never, NEVER, did the word "dandruff" factor into any of those scenarios. Welcome to Trump Mr. Macron.

Here's my second take on this. Why can't Kim Jong Un's meeting with POTUS Trump be an official state visit to the White House? Think about how much fun that could be? First, what would the gift exchange be? I'm guessing it wouldn't be a tree and a framed fabric patch. Second, what would Melania's dinner menu be? After all, in this case the meal was American cuisine that was inspired and improved by French food. How would that work in Un's case? Third, and most importantly, there can be no doubt that there will be at least one "dandruff" moment with Kim Jong Un, and won't it be a shame if no cameras are allowed to capture it?

But I get ahead of myself. Perhaps I should just enjoy this moment for what it was. If nothing else, I can always say that I think Macron is "head and shoulders" above all the other European leaders.

More wisdom next week.


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