Amazon Alexa's "Kid Friendly" Subscription

Amazon's popular echo devices are now available in "kid editions". The devices come in a variety of colors geared towards kids. They are also offering a new kid friendly feature, that of "FreeTime on Alexa". It is a new subscription feature that Amazon is offering to families with children where it offers convenient family oriented programming and options. Some of the new features include free calling and messages between Alexa devices within the house. For example if your child had an echo dot on their nightstand or desk and you had one in the kitchen downstairs, you could call or message through the devices that dinner is ready or that you're leaving in 10 minutes and to be ready, etc. In addition to the new plan, parents can monitor the device and limit the amount of time allowed on it. 


The Echo Dot Kids Edition is an echo that is made to be more durable for a younger audience. The starting price for the new edition is $79.99 and that does include the FreeTime plan, parental controls, as well a one free year of the Unlimited FreeTime plan. The Unlimited plan offers more advanced options like ad free family friendly radio/playlists, character alarms, audio books, and premium skills from top kids programmers, including Disney, Nickelodeon, iHeartRadio Family and National Geographic  After a year you can choose to continue with the Unlimited Plan for an extra price of $2.99 a month. 

To purchase a special Kid's Edition Echo Dot and to find out more about these Amazon devices, visit their website, HERE.

-Producer Lightning 


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