Straight Dragon Energy: Don & Kanye's Excellent Tweet-venture

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PHOTO:  Getty Images

For all the uproar about President Trump's "Tweetstorms," it was an unexpected source who broke the internet yesterday:

Rapper Kanye West made headlines earlier in the week for defending Candace Owens, an African-American Conservative.  This, of course drew the ire of the Left.  Unlike Shania Twain, who retreated her "Pro-Trump" comments, Kanye - who has been labeled "The Black Trump," by the Rabid Obama Mob irrational among us, doubled down: 

Okay, tripled down - possibly quadrupled:

The President responded in kind:

He wasn't alone, however, as Chance the rapper risked being ostracized from the Cult of Obama Left-merica, by showing his support:

Kanye later tweeted how "The mob can't make me not love him."  As "Black Trump"once rapped:  

"Human beings in a mob.  What's a mob to a king?" 

The Dragon energy is strong in this one...  


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