Yawkey Way Now, Yawkey Way Forever!

PHOTO:  Getty Images

Er, better make that "Jersey Street Gate D" boys...

Well, Moonbat John Henry finally got his 16 year wish. Tom Yawkey's name will be erased from the annals of Red Sox history - well, at least his street will be. The Boston Public Improvement Commission voted to change the name of "Yawkey way" to its old name "Jersey Street." Red Sox Management sees this as a victory, as do many in the fight against discrimination.


Jeff is appalled that a man of Tom Yawkey's stature and accomplishment - including the Jimmy Fund and several donations to Massachusetts hospitals and charities - is being defined solely because he was a product of his time. And, yeah, maybe a racist, but you can't apply the sensibilities of the present to judge the past. You can hear Jeff take the Red Sox, John Henry, and the history-erasing Leftists to task below:



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