Oreo's 3 New Flavors Coming!

Oreo is on a roll releasing new flavors in what seems like every month. This time they are pushing the limit again with 3 new wild flavors. In the past they have come out with flavors theming holidays like "Peeps" flavored for Easter or "Firework" oreos for the 4th of July. These 3 new ones are random, possibly promoting Spring? These are the newest flavors:

  1. Cherry Cola
  2. Kettle Corn
  3. Pina Colada (thins)

In my opinion, yes to Pina Colada, no to the others. The pina colada seems dessert like and normal enough that I would seek out. It's similar to coconut being tropical and would be a nice tasting dessert cookie. Cola though? Kettle Corn COOKIES?! I don't know about that...I'm all for going to the movies but I don't want my movie experience in the form of a cookie...I should also mention I'm a huge popcorn nut. I LOVE popcorn but if I'm not on board with the Kettle Corn oreos, I'm not sure how sold others are going to be if you can't rope in a popcorn fan. I'm starting to think that Nabisco is just dropping flavors for the heck of it just to see how far they can push it. 

Would I try the Coca Cola or Kettle Corn? If someone bought a bag and it was lying around, sure I'd be adventurous but I won't go out and purchase a whole box just to sample it. The only one I would probably buy is the Pina Colada one. Maybe a taste testing blog will be in the near future! If you try it, tweet me and let me know what you think, @LightningMarita

-Producer Lightning


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