The War is Over!

Big news coming from the Korean peninsula! North and South Korea have ended their years long war that began between the two nations in 1950. They signed an armstice when the fighting ended in 1953 but it wasn't until today that they offically pursued a proper peace agreement. Both leaders, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-In agreed to work toward a "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." Kim Jong Un made the trip to South Korean, making him the first North Korean leader to step foot into the South. Kim said that this moment has been coming for a long time stating, "Same people, same blood, so we cannot be separated and should live together in unification," Kim said. "I hope we live together soon as a new path forward. With the rest of the world watching, he added, "We will never repeat the past mistakes."

In addition, Moon Jae-In called the meeting between the two, "historical" and "a valuable time". He even praised Kim, saying that this was "a bold and courageous decision" by him. This was a big moment for both countries, with more than 3,000 journalists standing by to document this moment in history. 


As part of their peace agreements, both countries have agree to expand their civilian exchanges and partake in things such as sporting and cultural events together. This peaceful exchange is not only a big moment for both countries, but the world at large. With the threat of nuclear weapons coming out of North Korea, this exchange certainly tamed and diffused some of the tension that has been rising around the world, especially for the United States of America. It was truly a great moment in history, even President Trump acknowledges that!


The physical embrace between the two leaders was a powerful, symbolic gesture that set a comforting example for the world to see. It may seem strange but even non-verbal gestures such as this can "speak" volumes and set a positive example, sometimes more so than words itself so this was an important thing for both leaders to engage in. 

North and South Korean Leaders

To read more about the historic meeting between the two nations, do so HERE.

-Producer Lightning


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