Wolf's "Comedy" at WH Correspondents' Dinner

Comedian Michelle Wolf, a former contributor and writer for 'The Daily Show' with Trevor Noah, presented at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this past weekend. She's getting a lot of backlash for her comments that were not viewed as funny but instead insulting, distasteful, and ignorant. She made a lot of comments to the women in POTUS Trump's administation, taking stab at their looks or style in a way that was just plain mean, not funny. Wolf took aim at Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump's adult children, KellyAnne Conway, Democrats, Republicans, and of course President Trump himself. The comments made about Huckabee-Sanders are getting a lot of attention due to the fact that she was seated right next to the podium where Wolf was bashing her so it was awkward for sure. 


Did you find her comments funny? As you can tell, Sarah here was not amused one bit. Many others were not either. Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, "Spicy", expressed his thoughts on Twitter on just how he felt about the whole display...


President Trump was not in attendence at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Instead he was at a rally in Michigan, talking to a jam packed crowd in what was a campaign style rally. He mentioned to the crowd...“You may have heard I was invited to another event tonight...I’d much rather be in Washington, Mich., than Washington, D.C.” He talked about his economic and diplomatic accomplishments and couldn't help but bash the media, most recently for not giving him credit for Friday's historic meeting between the two Korean leaders. 

While the President did not attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner, he certainly got briefed on what happened and what was said. This is the second year the President has not attended the dinner, as it's no secret he's not a fan of the media. Instead he sent some members from his administation to represent him. He was not shy (as he never is) in expressing his disgrace regarding the dinner.


You can watch the full standup from the dinner by comedian Michelle Wolf, below. Did you think it was funny? Let us know in the comments!


-Producer Lightning


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