Lightning Round: Month of April

It's a new month which means I have last months radio statistics for Boston's Morning Show. I answer some of the questions you have...what were the big news stories last month? How much Trump news was there and how much did we talk about it? See all the results, below...


Whole Month of April

Show Talked About Trump: 39%

Show Talked Without Trump: 61%

Week 1 Big Topics: Border Security-Trump wants military on the Mexican border-, Scott Pruit’s economic spending, The Masters (29% talked about Trump)

Week 2 Big Topics: Syrian chemical attack, Michael Cohen office raid, Cape Cod Officer Gannon killed, Facebook Zuckerburg Hearing (39% talked about Trump)

Week 3 Big Topics: Comey’s new book/interview, Marathon Monday, Starbucks racial removal, proposed “Russian sanctions”/Mueller investigation (40% talked about Trump)

Week 4 Big Topics: Waffle house tragedy, French President Macron visits WH, Kanye West endorses Trump, Toronto van attack, Bill Cosby found guilty, Maine deputy shot, North & South Korean leaders meet in peace (35% talked about Trump)

Week 5 Big Topics (Only One Day-April 30th): White House Correspondents dinner (47% talked about Trump)

That's April's stats for ya! Stay tuned for this month of May's at the end of the month!

-Producer Lightning


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