Rudy Giuliani spills the beans!

Former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani spoke to Sean Hannity last evening on his show, where he revealed information about the Stormy Daniels/Trump payout that we did not know. One he confirmed that President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen did pay pornstar Stormy Daniels a payment of $130,000. Two he went on to say that that money/payment is "going to turn out perfectly legal because that money was not campaign money." Three, Trump has consistantly denied having sex with Daniels, but this new confirmation brings up the fact that if he didn't, why would Stormy get a $130k payout so Trump appears to have lied...


This is a big deal because it makes the President of our country look bad. While it may not have been "illegal", it's morally wrong due to the fact that the First Lady was pregnant with their son Barron when he reportedly had this arrangement with Stormy. It looks bad. It also looks bad that when asked about if he knew anything about the Stormy payment he said no and while that may be partially true that he didn't know the specifics, it still doesn't excuse the fact that he's denied having sex with her when all signs point ot the fact that he did. It presents us with a lying president where the public is wondering what else he's lied about? That's why this "Stormy thing" is a big deal. The general population could care less who he's slept with and his sexual escapades, especially as a wealthy man living in New York prior to his presidency. It's about the fact that he lied or potentially did. That's what it's about. It's about finding that out. His supporters can say "psshh who cares" but you should care about whether or not the man running your country has publically lied about something regardless if the subject matter was about his personal life. Most of the country would like to have an open and honest leader, no matter what the subject matter is about. Unfortunately as a public figure, while you are entitled to privacy, your life is no longer private as you are put in the spotlight. While I'm sure most feel bad for the first lady and it isn't right, it's more about the lying. That's the argument, not the cheating.

Most of the population would like to see the President do well because we want our country to flourish. This isn't about just bashing on the President because the press doesn't like his personality. It's about holding him accountable in a non-bias way. Whether it's President Obama, President Clinton, or President Trump, all need to be held accountable and we as the American people, it's our job to demand that. 


Giuliani had a good interview with Hannity where he not only revealed the Stormy Daniels payment details, but spoke about the Mueller investigation, Trump's administration including his daughter Ivanka, and touched on how he believes Hillary Clinton is a criminal. See the full interview above.

You can also read the exact transcipt from the interview, HERE

-Producer Lightning


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