The official rules for Royal Wedding Guests

We're winding down to the big day that is the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. If you're one of the lucky guests that get to attend this royal affair, you will have to follow certain guidelines or rules while in attendence. The palace literally sent out seven pages to everyone on the guest list of guidelines that need to be followed. I'll give you some of the main guidelines here to simplify those seven pages. 

Meghan & Prince Harry

Strict Rules:

1) DO NOT use your cellphone during the wedding.

It has been announced that guests are required to turn in and surrender their phones upon arrival so there will be no snapchatting or instagraming the affair!

2) No swords.

Leave it up to the English. That seems like common sense but I suppose there might be a lot of knights attending and unfortunately for them they need to leave those swords at home.

3) No peeing during the ceremony-hold it!

Apparently there is limited restrooms at St. George's Chapel and guests are advised to use the bathroom before attending because it will not be allowed once the ceremony starts. It was been stressed that those limited restrooms will only be available for guests between 9am and 11am so after that you'll have to hold it!

4) No gifts.

Gifts are not allowed at the ceremony or reception because the married couple does not want to have to lug them back to the palace. If you want to give them something, have it delivered to Kensington Palace. Or the couple has encouraged donations to any number of their designated charities in lieu of gifts.

5) Dress the part.

This seems self explanatory because you're attending a royal wedding! You best better dress to the 9s! Men have to wear a military or nice jacket and women should be in a day dress and of course a hat.

6) No medals are to be worn.

If you have any medals you are planning to show off, don't because it's not allowed.

7) Don't bring any "hand luggage".

Not sure why you'd bring a suitcase to the wedding. I suppose any of those guests who were thinking of coming right from the airport, think again because the only items you're allowed to carry are rainwear & handbags (such as a purse). 

Meghan Markle

Getting married myself in about a year, I'm thinking maybe I should come up with rules...I might have to take some of these myself. No swords? Sounds like a good idea. Dress appropriately? Yeah, you don't need to come in a ball gown or top hat but don't come in a ripped off tee or bikini. & for sure DO NOT get up in the middle of my ceremony causing a raucous so you can go pee. Not gonna fly... A couple restrictions I'm okay with though, like if you want to wear a medal, go for it! Then gifts? Heck yes, I'm okay with lugging some back to our place if people are gracious enough to give us some. I find it hard to believe that Meghan and Prince Harry couldn't have a designated person lug their gifts back for them, not them personally so that one I think is stupid. Otherwise, I get the rest. 

Those are the key guidelines for ya in case anyone out there is more lucky than me and gets to attend! 

-Producer Lightning


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