CA implements mandatory solar panels on homes

The state of California has passed a law that now requires all new housing in the state to have solar panels. California is the first state to implement this. Why? According to scientist Pierre Delforge for the National Resources Defense Council, he says this will "save energy, lower customer bills, keep homes cooler in the increasing heat waves, and it will reduce pollution from California's homes and buildings." 

When will this new rule go into effect? Not until 2020. Builders say that putting these solar panels up could cost more than $10,000 per project. Although the cost seems high, builders do seem to think that in the long run the costs will be made up in energy savings over the life of the solar energy system. 

Worker installing solar panels

The California Energy Commission predicts that in 2020, more than 100,000 single family homes and almost 50,000 multi-family buildings will be built across the state. As of right now the state only has less than 20% of its homes containing solar panels.

How would you feel if your state implemented this and it was mandatory for you to have solar panels on your house if you were to build a new home? Some are upset about this and think the government should not be dictating what should or should not be on private homes. Others are okay with it since you already have other requirements that have to be up to state building codes and this is just another one. But has this one gone too far? Will other states follow?


Read more about the latest California rule that will be put into effect in 2020, HERE.

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