The Deodorant Challenge?

Kids come up with the most bizarre and unfortunately dangerous challenges. We've see the Tide Pod challenge, snorting condoms, and trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon but now the latest challenge that has gotten very popular is the "Deodorant Challenge". What is it? Well what kids propose is a challenge where someone endures aerosol deodorant sprayed directly on their skin until they can no longer take it. This challenge seems to have started in England. A mother of a 14/15 year old girl, posted a warning about this challenge that has gotten international attention. Here are some pictures of the damaging results...


The results of this deodorant challenge are so bad for some that they may even need skin grafts to fully heal. The wounds bubble up, blister, and pus. Parents are concerned this challenge will take off and more children will get hurt that's why they are stepping up and posting on social media of the dangers and results to warn other parents to be on the look out.

Why are these kids self destructing like this? Is it peer pressure? The lure of bragging rights to say how strong you are? Who knows but this is a reminder and almost a public service announcement to parents and the community at large to talk to your children about the dangers that can come with thoughtless "challenges" or dares that kids can get peer pressured or tempted into. 

I'm not a parent but if I was I suppose I'd tell my child, deodorant is for your smelly pits only, nothing else! Knock off the long endured spraying or it's sticks only for you! 

-Producer Lightning


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