Do you care about the "Royal Wedding"?

With the Royal Wedding upon us in less than 48 hours, everywhere you turn in the media, it's about the Royal Wedding but do you care? In a new poll done by YouGov that was published in the HuffPost, 1,600 adults out of the U.K. and 2,000 adults out of America were polled their opinion regarding the wedding. Only 28% of Americans admitted to caring about the nuptials while 30% of English citizens admitted to being interested. The poll also asked the participants which royal was their favorite and only 2% of Brits picked Meghan Markle while Harry had 18% vote for him as their favorite.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

In conclusion according to this study/poll, even though the global media is going crazy with all things Royal Wedding, it does not reflect the general feelings of the public in either American or England. Even though Meghan is American, apparently most of the population could care less. 

I decided to conduct our own poll here for WRKO's Morning Show and see if our listeners have the same you care? vote here on your thoughts!


I know I'm excited! Kim & I both, but maybe we're in the minority...

-Producer Lightning 


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