John Brennan Threatens McConnell and Ryan

PHOTO:  Getty Images

It appears "Tweetstorms" aren't unique to president Trump.  Former CIA Director John Brennan took to Twitter to do what The Deep State does best - toss around threats:

Who will bear major responsibility for the harm done to our democracy again?  Surely it couldn't be, oh who knows, a cabal of Obama-backed domestic terrorists who created a surveillance state in an attempt to retain power, and undermine all of us "Deplorables" who can't be trusted to think or vote on our own?

Not to say it wouldn't be fun to see McConnell and/or Ryan get waterboarded by the Deep State, but apparently living in glass houses means you can only throw stones at Trump now...

For his part, President Trump isn't panicking.  But is Brennan?

The sooner this swamp is drained the better...

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