Baboon escapes cage at airport

A research monkey being transported from Boston's Logan Airport to San Antonio escaped it's cage upon arrival. The baboon somehow slipped out of his cage and delayed it's arrival to the Born Free USA primate sanctuary. Dawkins (the name of the baboon), was previously held at Brown University and was moving to it's new home at this sanctuary that is an hour and a half south of San Antonio.

Dawkins was traveling on an American Airlines flight 1014. It's unclear how he got out...

Look at the size of that crate! Poor thing, I'd try to escape too...doesn't look too promising...Dawkins eventually was tranquilized and taken back into captivity. This was after it had a little jaunt around the airport!

What's with all these airport animal stories? If it isn't the emotional support animals, it's wild animals escaping! Which actually is turning into the same thing really after we saw a peacock as a support animal earlier this year so really the airport is becoming the new zoo. Who needs to pay to go to the zoo when all you need to do is step foot into an airport and get quite the viewing!

-Producer Lightning

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