Scratch & Sniff Postal Stamps!

The United States Postal Service is coming out with new scratch & sniff stamps just in time for summer! There will be 20 new ones. They are summer themed with bright colors and ice pops illustrations. It's rumored that some of the scents of these stamps will be: kiwi, orange, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, and color. I guess we'll just have to scratch and sniff to find out!

The stamps were designed by California artist Margaret Berg. There will be 2 ice pops depicted on each "Forever Stamp". 


Would you purchase these special edition scratch and sniff stamps? Or do you think it's stupid? We all know I totally buy these and it would probably be the only reason I actually seek out a postal office...

These stamps will officially be introduced on June 20th at the Children's Museum in Austin, Texas.

-Producer Lightning


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