The Spies Who Surveilled Me

PHOTO:  Getty Images

Can you pick the crook(s) out of the lineup, please?

Unlike the Russia Investigation, there is mounting evidence (You know, the thing that confirms crimes) that the Obama DOJ, including the FBI, and the CIA used every means at their disposal to attack the Trump Campaign and try to undermine a political rival.  What's FISA abuse, campaign moles, and fake dossiers among friends, right? The aforementioned evidence is so overwhelming that President Trump has demanded an investigation.  

While Adam Schiff claims this is "Nonsense," HIC Chair Devin Nunes does not


Vice President Pence weighed in on the matter with Fox News' Martha MacCallum


President Trump didn't do an interview, but he had the most salient point of this:


It's probably a given that Good Ol' Barry won't be in an orange jumpsuit, but who will end up in jail for this?


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