NFL approves new policy on anthem protests

The National Football League has finally decided on what their policy will be on national anthem protests. This comes after a movement/rise in players kneeling during the national anthem last year. President Trump was disgusted by players kneeling, finding it very disrespectful to our country and the men and women who service to protect it. The players justiced their kneeling as their protest against social injustice in this country. They believe that cops, government, the law, the justice system, those in authoritative positions, do not treat those of color or minorities equally or fairly. This all started when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeled during a national anthem in 2016, grabbing national attention. Other players started to follow suit in the NFL. 

The decision by the NFL owners surrounding the protests of NFL players is that they will permit players who want to protest to remain in the locker rooms during the anthem being played but there will be no displays of kneeling on the field. They need to stand if they are out on the field. That is their new policy for the upcoming season. 

NFL Commissioner Goodel issue a statement saying: 


This new policy did not go by without President Trump commenting on the decision. He was on Fox & Friends this morning and was asked his thoughts on the NFL owners decision.


This policy was decided upon by the NFL owners, CEOs, and organization itself, not including the players. The NFL Players Association did say that if any part of this new policy violates the collective bargaining agreement, they will challenge it. 


To read more about this new NFL policy, read on HERE.

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