"Spygate", is that what we are calling it?

What is this whole "spygate" all about? Who started it? President Trump is calling "spygate" the FBI's investigation into whether or not there was an FBI informant planted inside his 2017 campaign team. Of course we all know about the Mueller investigation into possible Russian collusion during the 2017 election but recently this scandalous news came out that there might have been illegal probing into his campaign. President Trump is openly disgusted with the notion of this and blames the Obama Administration. He goes as far as to call it the "biggest political scandal in U.S. history".


The term of "Spygate" seems very appropriate to call such a scandalous investigation. The POTUS claims that that's what others are calling it while the media claims President Trump came up with the term himself. 


Wolf Blitzer & Senior White House House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny both during CNN's news coverage yesterday afternoon both called it "spygate" only for Zeleny to turn around and say that POTUS Trump "was the only one calling it that". Really? Because Wolf just opened the whole show calling it "spygate"! Talk about a contradiction! Take a listen...


No matter who started the term "spygate", it is quite the appropriate term for the investigation. The FBI will be conducting this investigation after President Trump's prompting. Like the Mueller investigation, time will tell what really happened and you can count on the President being anything but silent on the whole ordeal.

-Producer Lightning


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