Tomi Lahren & "Watergate"

Young, conservative, political commentator, Tomi Lahren, who is known for being outspoken with her political views, was at a brunch at a Minnesota restaurant when another woman in the restaurant threw a glass of water at her. Lahren went on Fox & Friends and explained the situation saying that "Unfortunately there was a group of people probably around my age that thought it would be funny to throw water at me and then start chanting profanity and, again, not something that I'm not used to but really disheartening,". Lahren was at the Minnesota restaurant trying to eat brunch with her mother and family and it occurred as she was leaving.


TMZ initially came out with the story and since then, Twitter has been blowing up. A lot are supporting Lahren, saying that it was inappropriate and wrong to do. One of Lahren's supporters is the President himself!


People on both sides of the spectrum, left and right, are commenting. Lahren is receiving support even from those on the left side such as Kathy Griffin and we all know Griffin has been a very outspoken liberal.


Some are starting to call this incident "Watergate". Do you think Lahren warranted this type of treatment in the Minnesota restaurant? Would you ever feel so appauled by someone in the media's chosen opinion that you didn't agree with, that if you saw them in public it would infuriate you so much that you throw something or assault them? Remember as a political commentator, it's literally her job to use her voice and comment on political matters from a conservative viewpoint. Whether you agree with her or not, is not relevant. She is just doing her job and maybe you don't like her (and some don't) but to attack her while she's out with her family publically is crossing quite the line...or is it? That's the question. We live in a society now that's so hostile and yet so easily offended, what is even acceptable anymore? What do you think?

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-Producer Lightning


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