LeBron sets new trend. The "short suit". Yay-Nay?

After game 1 of the NBA Finals, Thursday night, LeBron James left the arena in interesting attire, without saying a word to anyone. This new look? A business suit. Not just any business suit though, this one is missing some fabric, in the leg area...


As you can see, he sported this short legged look with high socks, which cut down on the bare leg look. It looks odd to say the least but is it only odd because we are not used to it? I think from the waist up he looks fresh. I find this look hard to judge because it's just odd, different. I don't hate it, but as Kim said today on the Morning Show, this style should be worn while you're at a resort on a beach vacation while you have a drink in your hand. That would seem more natural. This just seems a tad bit off. 


What are your thoughts on LeBron's suit? Fresh or not? Let us know in the comments!

-Producer Lightning


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