Butterbeer ice cream is a thing & it's here!

As a Harry Potter fan myself, I LOVE Butterbeer! I mean even if you're not, if you try the drink, how can you not like it? For those who don't know anything about butterbeer or what it tastes like, it basically is cream soda only sweeter. Also I should mention that while they sell bottles of it in specialty stores throughout the country, there is nothing better than a butterbeer at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Florida. It's not the same. They make it there with the creamy soda but they also top it off with a frothy, sweet foam that goes on top of the drink and it's to DIE FOR! Ah, it's so good! If you don't go to Universal for anything else, go for the butterbeer! 

Butterbeer is the special drink in the Harry Potter world that is very popular among wizards. It's like our version of coca cola or coffee. Just like people will go grab a cup of coffee somewhere, in the Harry Potter world, wizards go to a local establishment to enjoy a butterbeer. 

With that being said, the news has come out that the beloved flavor is now being turned into an ice cream flavor! It's being put out by the Pennsylvania beer company, Yuengling. 


I can't wait to get my hands on this ice cream! It's already hit stores so I will be on the lookout!

Upcoming taste test blog? Possibly!

-Producer Lightning


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