Clinton doesn't think he owes Lewinsky an apology

Former President Bill Clinton spoke to Craig Melvin in an interview with the Today Show about his latest book with James Patterson, "The President is Missing". It was during that interview that Clinton addressed his Monica Lewinsky scandal in the wake of this #MeToo movement. He was pressed by Melvin on if he thinks he handled the situation well and asked if he ever apologized directly to Monica. Clinton claims he handled it well and did the right thing. See an excerpt from the interview that aired on Today where Clinton feels that he does not owe Monica a direct apology and that a public apology was enough. 


Former President Clinton is drawing attention for his remarks as this interview has now been circulating social media. In addition Clinton talks on the subject of impeachment, considering the fact that he faced the idea of it and fought it when he was president for his Lewinsky scandal. In regards to this current administation, he thinks that any president Democrat or Republican would face the same threat of impeachment if they were facing the same set of collusion "facts". Do you think he's right? You can vote here on VB's Kelly Financial Poll...


-Producer Lightning


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