Springfield Mayor Blasts Courts for Career Criminal's Release

PHOTO:  Getty Images

Another day, another Massachusetts Judge with blood on their hands.  Who is Stewart Weldon is the man who lead Police on a high speed chase, with a woman in the back; a woman whom he allegedly kidnapped, detained, raped and beat her with a hammer.  When he was brought before the Court, the Judge set his bail at $2,500.  But knocked that down to $1000.  

Now, 3 bodies have been found inside and around the home of Weldon, and the SPD is looking for more bodies.  

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno did not mince words while calling out the Massachusetts Court system:

“Stewart R. Weldon is another ‘choir boy’ let go by our judicial system.  When will some of our judges realize that ‘animals’ like this have no respect for life, our courts, or GPS devices.”

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