IHOP to change it's name to "IHOB"

The International House of Pancakes will be no longer...well that is their long time name anyway. They have announced that they are changing their name to "IHOB". They only revealed the abbreviation, not what it actually will stand for. This leaves all of us wondering, "what does the B stand for"? On social media, many are guessing the following: Bacon, Biscuits, and Breakfast. 


IHOP is playing along with the guessing game, they even put up their own poll asking their customers what their guess is.


When asked by news outlets about this new change for the company, IHOP's executive director of communications said: "We're serious about the quality of food and our menu, and this name change really reflects that."

We won't officially know what the "B" stands for until they reveal it on June 11th. 

Do you think a name change such as this is a good idea for marketing? Will it be a positive? Of course IHOP is hoping it is but after 60 years of such an iconic name, will the new name push people away or draw them in?

-Producer Lightning


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