Fast Food chains take aim at the new "IHOb"

Yesterday IHOP revealed it's long awaited name change of IHOb to mean "International House of Burgers". For those who didn't know, for the last 60 years or so they have been the "International House of Pancakes" and have always been known for their breakfast and more specifically pancakes. 


Some are not happy about this new name change and think it's a mistake. After all they are taking a huge risk with changing their identity like this. Other fast food restaurants and chains in the burger game in particular have taken aim at IHOb and had fun with this name change. Maybe they are just jumping on the band wagon to hype up their own product by teasing and chirping out about IHOb. Either way, I enjoy some good fun teasing. Take a look at some of the reactions from other famous brands in the industry. 

Burger King--- straight up changed their Twitter name and socials to "Pancake King" & I love it! 

Burger King's Twitter page

Wendy's---Just started trash talking through tweets. My personal favorite is their burn saying "not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard." oooooo, burn.


Steak-umm---The sliced steaks company out of Pennsylvania decided to change their socials too to just say "Cake-umm".


A&W---Teased out a tweet about changing their name too. It was kind of a weak/sloppy response though. It could have been better.


Whataburger---The restaurant now remembered for the country's 1st & 2nd Lady Melania Trump & Karen Pence making a surprise visit down in Texas, just assured their customers they would not be changing their name.


Red Robin---Sarcastically told their customers how serious they are about their food...


Chili's Grill & Bar---They don't usually "throw shade" but apparently this IHOb name change was the exception...


Steak n' Shake---They couldn't let a day do by without saying something to IHOb either.


Waffle House---Was a little more secretitive about their burn, just posting a quote that took aim at IHOb.


Qdoba---Made a nice little pun with their name and the new "B" trend...some might say their response was "dope"


Denny's---Turned their response into a futuristic conversation between a Grandpa who remembers this time in "burger history"...okay...


Applebee's---Some local restaurants of theirs change their advertising signs to poke fun of IHOb's name change.


I enjoyed seeing these little jabs at IHOP, excuse me "IHOb", and I think the best one of all of them was definitely Burger King changing their whole look. They took the cake! (Pun intended!) 

My Top 3 Best Ones:

  1. Burger King name change
  2. Qdoba's pun
  3. Wendy's jab

-Producer Lightning


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