Every year we hear about more and more extravagant, wild, and out of the box prom proposals. They've now become just as popular as marriage proposals themselves! The pressure is on for these young kids probably due to social media and the constant sharing and liking in addition bragging rights on such a heightened medium.

One teen thought it was a good idea to spray paint "Prom...ise?" on some rocks at the Colorado National Monument. While he/she probably thought it would be a nice romantic idea to stumble across this painted rock after a nice nature walk in the national park, the National Park Service thinks otherwise. 


The consequences for this vandalism of a national monument is a $500 fine or even up to 6 months in prison. Officials for the Colorado monument say that if a young person comes forward, they would be more lenient. Rep. for the monument Frank Hayde made a statement urging the young individual to come forward saying: "What better way to impress your date than to show that you're the type of person who will take responsibility for their actions?"

This is an example of a prom proposal going too far. I'm all for extravagant, fun, creative proposals as long as it does not hurt anyone, is legal, and safe. In this case, clearly it was not legal. Kids need to learn the consequences of their actions and maybe think more before acting. This would have been an example of asking your parents for advice. I'd like to think the parents would have had more common sense. 

-Producer Lightning


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