POTUS Trump & the separation of migrants

The big topic of immigration continues as POTUS Trump tries to enforce the law/policy of separating migrants at the border. This includes separating children from their parents if they are apprehended entering the country illegally. The democrats are fiercely fighting against this proposal. Most of these migrants are fleeing their country due to gang violence back home and would rather take their chances seeking out asylum in the United States rather than deal with the safety risk at home. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been making comments recently stating that "that gang and domestic violence will generally cease to be grounds for asylum."

President Trump ran for the presidency on a very strict and conservative view on immigration. We all know how he wants to 'BUILD THAT WALL!". Will he? Will he back down from this idea of separating crying kids from their parents at the border? According to an article out of the New York Times, for former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the idea of even considering a separation between parents and crying kids at the border was just too "inhumane" of a policy to consider. On the other hand, former White House advisor to the president, Steve Bannon stated in an interview that POTUS Trump and his team ran on a "policy to stop mass illegal immigration, limit legal immigration, get our sovereignty back, and to help our workers." This zero tolerance policy is a part of accomplishing that campaign promise.

Suprisingly there are a lot of republicans who are not on board with this "zero tolerance" at the border policy. The remaining republicans that are actually in agreement with POTUS Trump, argue that for 8 years while former President Obama was in office, he did nothing to help our immigration problem. In an informative article out the New York Times, it discusses exactly what occured during former President Obama's time in office and what really lead POTUS Trump to this zero tolerance policy idea. 

Check out the article HERE.

You can also vote on your personal thoughts on what should take place here in our Kelly Financial poll: 

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