"Space Force:" I'm In!

PHOTO:  Getty Images

Though being a middle-aged physical wreck would probably preclude me from service, "Jarred Jupiter:  Renegade Space Avenger" is reporting for duty!

Of all the whacky things President Trump has said, the "Space Force" is tops on my list.   

Young, though-not-as-young-as-you'd-hope, Jarred is going nuts right now.   My affinity for Science Fiction collided with my favorite toys when Hasbro released the G.I. Joe Star Brigade.


There's more to it, but the video is the best I can do without violating several copyrights - but here's someone who managed to out-geek me - which is a tall task.  

Seriously, who couldn't love "Lobotomaxx" and the "Manimals?"  

And while I'm playing with house money, we're on good terms with Shinzo Abe; Mr. President, please get me a Voltron.


Heck,  I'll even take a Go-Bot... 


Ah, the dream of the 80's is alive in the White House, and I could absolutely see Chuck Norris leading the "Space Force."  

Though maybe Mike Pence is the guy... he has a remarkable resemblance to Meteor Man from "The Galaxy Trio."


I love it when life imitates art... 

The "Space Force" dream could seriously become a reality - because if I've learned anything over the last 500-plus days, its "N.B.A.T." - never bet against Trump.

Yeah, there's still a chance that this is a set-up for the Prez to make "Uranus" jokes, but, outside of turning me into Spider-Man, I'll take something that gets me closer to being on the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon.


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