VB The Wise: Know When To Fold 'Em

I don’t use the word ‘surreal’ very often, but for what I saw Monday morning on television absolutely fits the surreal bill. There was Alan Dershowitz on Fox and Friends, brought on to talk about ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden’s tweet comparing our current immigration policy to Auschwitz. But before he spoke about that, Dershowitz looked right into the camera and addressed the President directly:

“President Trump, you know I’ve been defending your civil liberties and will continue to do so on this show, but you have to end this policy of separating parents from children.”

Meanwhile, on CNN’s New Day, Trump’s former Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci, “The Mooch”, said this,

“It’s an atrocious policy. It’s inhumane. It’s offensive to the average American. The immediate, remedial need is to change this right now.”

Wow. This is two of the President’s most ardent supporters doing the opposite of sucking up to the President while on television at the same time. POTUS Trump is stubborn, and he is a man who doesn’t back down. But there comes a time when everyone has to ask, “am I really doing the right thing here?” Mr. President, if both Alan Dershowitz and The Mooch are willing to say this publicly about your policy, you may want to start asking yourself that very question. These two, more than most, understand optics, and they are telling you to stop this policy. They aren’t telling you that for THEIR benefit Mr. President. Whatever upside you saw to this, they are telling you there is a downside that now outweighs it. They are telling you to stop. So stop.

More wisdom next week.


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