Maddow breaks down in tears about immigrant babies

During her show on Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow broke down in "tears" when finding out about the breaking news that POTUS Trump's administration has been operating what are called "tender age" shelters for immigrant children that are being forced from their parents upon arrival here in the United States. Maddow tried desperately to keep reporting on the topic but continuously got choked up. She eventually closed the show without finishing and turned it over to a colleague for the last word because she couldn't handle it...take a look.


Do you think she is faking it here? It sure has people wondering...It almost seems like she is, just to leave a lasting impression and drive people to her page/show, and thus bring up her ratings. Then again why would you fake it with such a sensitive topic as immigrant children being torn from their parents. That almost seems distasteful. Republicans would argue, never underestimate the lengths a democrat will go to push their agenda...

What's your take on this?

-Producer Lightning


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