White House photos worth a thousand words

Recent photos have been captured of our FLOTUS and POTUS that are worth a thousand words. The one of our First Lady, Melania Trump, shows her gracefully sitting on a couch outside the Oval Office at the White House while a swarm of reporters crowd around. She was meeting with Their Majesties King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain. It shows how life all around her is hectic but she gracefully holds her composure. 


President Trump was delivering a speech to the NFIB in Washington when he crossed the stage and hugged an American flag that was on display. 


Critics of Trump are calling him disrespectful for hugging the American flag like that. Do you think there was anything wrong with what he did? Take a look again at the still capture of him hugging the flag. Is it wrong to touch or hug our flag in this way? If you're a veteran are you offended by this? Should we be? Where did this idea of touching a flag or hugging it become deemed ignorant? It's one thing to have it on the ground and step on it or something, that's disrespectful as our flag should be hung to fly high and proud. It's not like Trump was trying to be disrepectful. Obviously he loves his country and this to him was a symbol of his love. Was it tone deaf though? 


Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

-Producer Lightning


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