Ending "Concentration Camps" Not Good Enough For Hollywood

The Hollywood Moron Cannonball run for attention and/or relevance is back for lap number 2.  After barking for President Trump, er, sorry, "Hitler II," to end the "Torture," "Child abuse," "Murder," "Human sacrifice," et al. occurring at Detention Centers for Illegal Children Separated from their Human traffickers, Coyotes, make that "Parents," the President acquiesced, signing an Executive Order.  But, that's not enough for the insecure, disassociated, headcases in Hollywood.  

Take Meathead:


To his credit, he's been consistent.  But now the net has spread wider.  Maggie Gyllenhaal enters the fray, responding to everyone's favorite Jihadist (We can say that because she called for Jihad):


Hmmm... Sarsour didn't make Holocaust comparisons...  not that that means anything, but, just sayin'... 

Tom Arnold also let us on his vitally necessary thoughts:


Isn't "Lying white trash" a micro-aggression?  

Producer Judd Apatow and Joe Kennedy III combine to "Define" Racism for us Deplorables who can't look in a dictionary in-between eating dirt and loading our guns:


But the real kudos go to "Inspector" Patricia Arquette, who you might remember from... something?


Thank Xenu, Global Warming, or whatever the Hollywood set thinks is God that the link has been exposed...  

And, of course, what Trump Derangement Twitter Screed would be complete without the Khan to his Kirk, our fair Rosie:


The maturity is profound.  Beritbart has collected some more meltdown gems.


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