Ever been hit in the face by a flying hot dog?

Kathy McVay is a big Philadelphia Phillies fan. She went to a game of theirs Monday night and it ended up being more memorable than she could have imagined...it's customary for the mascot, Phillie Phanatic to come out periodically during the game and entertain the crowd by shooting hot dogs into the crowd out of their hot dog launcher. It just so happened that during the 6th or 7th inning McVay was sitting in her seat when all of a sudden she looks up and sees a hot dog coming right for her. She wasn't able to move quick enough, claiming that she has a shoulder issue/torn rotator cuff and she actually can't move her arm up to block. The result was she ended up getting hit directly in the face resulting in a black eye. McVay was sitting behind home plate with two other friends. She recalls the event saying, “All of a sudden I looked up and here comes this hot dog,” she said. “Since I can’t lift my shoulder…I couldn’t catch it or get it out of the way that fast. Next thing I knew I was bleeding and we were going to First Aid,” she said.


McVay did end up leaving the game and headed straight to the hospital. Luckily nothing was broken. She just has lots of bruising around her eye and nose due to the fact that she was wearing glasses when hit by the hot dog. 

She seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole experience though. She told local news outlets, “At least it’s funny,” McVay said. “It’s a story I can tell people. My only thing is just to warn people just to be careful.” She said she'd definitely go to another Phillies game again and that this did not deter her from that. However there is a stipulation she says, "Next time we’re going to the nosebleed section.”

After this incident do you think the Phillies will get rid of their hot dog launcher? The woman does love the team and isn't threatening to sue so is it really a big deal? Share your opinion on the matter by voting here in our Kelly Financial poll!


Watch and hear Kathy McVay tell her story, HERE

-Producer Lightning


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