The "Women's Winter" is here!

Kim Carrigan is going to appreciate this one! With today being the 1st day of summer, it's also the official mark that "Women's Winter" is here! What's "Women's Winter" you ask? Oh, for everyone else (and by that I mean men), it feels like summer to them no matter where they are. They comfortably work in the office, hanging out in their shorts and short sleeve tops, while women suffer the consequences brought on by the frigid air conditioning, turning the atmosphere into what we call the "Women's Winter". 

College Humor came out with a comical video highlighting what it's like for women in the work environment during those summer months! Even though this video came out a couple years ago, it's worth visiting again. It gets me everytime!


It's so true! This gives me a good laugh everytime! 

Happy Summer everyone! Women, don't forget those sweaters!!

-Producer Lightning


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