Melania's Coat: "I Really Don't Care Do You?"

First Lady Melania Trump in her first official visit after her surgery, wore a fashionable Zara jacket that says "I Really Don't Care. Do You?" She decided to wear this particular jacket on the airplane to go visit migrant families down in Texas. The fact that she wore this particular jacket with that message on her way to see these migrant kids is what is sparking conversation. It's all about the wording on the jacket and going to the border specifically while wearing it. It has people wondering if the message on the jacket is about the hot button issue surrounding immigration currently and how the country is so divided. Is it about her husband? Was her decision to wear this jacket a hidden message that she deliberately choose to tease? She only wore the jacket traveling from her car to boarding the airplane. She did not depart from the plane in Texas wearing the jacket.

FLOTUS on her way to McAllen, Texas

When asked about the jacket, the East Wing Communications Director, Stephanie Grisham, for the First Lady said, "It's a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today's important visit to Texas, I hope the media isn't going to choose to focus on her wardrobe." Grisham latered tweeted out about the surrounding controversy around Melania's jacket, defending the FLOTUS...


Whether or not the jacket was brillantly planned or not, I like it. I think the FLOTUS has to deal with so much backlash and always criticized for even not doing anything while she's recovering from surgery. It's quite ridiculous, really. So I like that she's making fashion statements about this. Melania is going to do what Melania wants to do and she "doesn't care." 

I don't think she's being tone deaf to the problem at the border nor do I think it's even directed at the kids or familes at the border because if anyone knows about immigration in that White House, it's her. She was an immigrant! She gets it. I think she's tired of the noise from the media and everyone else. I think she's also probably tired of her husband too. Let's face it, he's not the most subtle person. The poor woman is just trying to do a job she didn't choose and she's making the best of it. The least we can do is leave her alone! 

Everyone wants to know what the statement was. While representatives claim it's nothing and it's "just a jacket", I think it was planned and there is a statement. The statement is that she's not taking anyone's BS (mainly the media) and she has more guts than anyone in the White House! That's what I think.

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Melania's husband, Mr. President Trump himself addressed the speculation about his wife's jacket via Twitter. He had no problem telling everyone that her jacket refers to the media! 

One thing that's for sure, is Melania is definitely the first First Lady to make a statement on this scale.


I hope Zara comes out with this jacket again and sells it because I have a feeling a lot of people want to purchase one. Myself included!

-Producer Lightning


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