Roseanne is coming back...only without Roseanne

After the inappropriately racist tweet that Roseanne Barr tweeted about a month ago regarding Valerie Jarrett (former President Obama's advisor), her show was terminated by ABC. The show was doing really well and naturally the cast and crew were very disappointed about Roseanne's actions that ultimately got their show cancelled. 

It was just revealed that after much grumbling over the Roseanne reboot, ABC has decided to move forward with 10 episodes of a Roseanne reboot with the condition Roseanne Barr herself not be a part of it. Barr did agree to forgo any creative or financial particapation, thus resulting in the continuation of the reboot. This settlement was agreed by Barr to save the jobs of as much as 200 cast and crew that were affected by the cancellation. 

In a statement Roseanne said, “I regret the circumstances that have caused me to be removed from ‘Roseanne,’ she said, adding, “I wish the best for everyone involved.” 

Cast of Roseanne

The name of the show will be changed to "The Connors". It will continue to deal with contemporary issues that are relevant today. In other words, they will still be the blue collar family that everyone has come to love. It has not been revealed yet how they are going to deal with the absense of Roseanne, the lead and matriach of the family. One thought is that she mysteriously "passed away". That would be the easiest plot line and just have the rest of the family develop into side plots and interwine all while taking nod at how she was a big part of their lives, they miss her and all that. Problem solved.

The first episode of the reboot had 25 million people view it. It was wildly successful so hopefully this continuation without Roseanne is just as popular. At least for the sake of those 200 workers on the show. It would be a shame if the show crashed and burned all because Roseanne ran her mouth...The spinoff will air this fall on ABC.

-Producer Lightning


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