Sanders kicked out of restaurant; Waters supports

The political and societal climate we are now in has become quite hostile. The country is divided in a way it hasn't been since probably before the 1950s civil rights movement. Only it's no longer the south vs. the north but the democrats vs. the republicans, or otherwise Trump supporters vs. non-supporters. People are losing relationships with friends, family members, co-workers, and sometimes romantic over this divide. Dare I use the word "triggered" but that is what this culture has become over our POTUS Trump. 

We've started seeing protests over political views, policies, and now individuals themselves. Yes, we've seen protests over policies throughout history, think the vietnam war/hippie protests, etc. but have we ever protested a political figure so harshly to the level we now have with POTUS Trump and members of his administration? Over the weekend his Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was casually dining out at a restaurant when she was asked to leave just based on who she was, her job, and who she worked for. 

Huckabee was asked by the business owner to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia Friday night. She was not misbehaving, her party was not disruptive, nor had any valid reason to be kicked out. She tweeted out her experience of what happened:


This is now the second case of harassment that a member of the Trump administration has endured in the last week or so alone. The first was when Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was run out of a Mexican restaurant in D.C. while she was casually dining with a colleague. That also had to do with strictly who she was, not what she was doing at the restaurant in her personal time. 

In addition to these personal protests of Trump administration members, Maxine Waters decided it was a good idea to go out and actually publically advocate for such behavior as an appropriate course of action to take. She legit called for attacks on Trump and his administration. Don't believe it can be true? Take a look here! 


Is this really the place we've come to in society? A place where you disagree with someone's politics, job, opinion, or viewpoint and it's okay to publically ridicule, harass, and discriminate them. It's sad, pathetic, and really dehumanizing. Democrats are supposed to be all about "compassion" but let's not be fooled that compassion is only for those they agree with, those they deem worthy. Who do they think they are? God. Did you see the same type of political outrage through protests when Obama was president? Sure, conservatives were not happy but did they protest and cause the same societal, political outrage by kicking members of his administration out of public settings? No. The answer is no so maybe it's time the democrats and supporters of them alike stop crying about what's morally right when they are treating those of opposing views just as ignorantly as those they are chirping about. It's time we start agreeing to disagree, treating others of opposing views respectfully, and set a better example for our youth or else our societal climate will be in danger of having a political segregation in public and communities alike. We need to ask ourselves, do we want history to repeat itself that like of the 40s and 50s where we have separate institutions for democrats and then for republicans? Think that sounds preposterous? It's already happening where people are removing those of opposing opinions from public settings and actually calling for it so we're not so far off than you think...

-Producer Lightning


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