The moment you question if Tom Arnold was on drugs

American actor and comedian Tom Arnold has been causing a stir up after posting a photo of him and former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen hanging out last week. 


Arnold is currently filming a comedic TV series called "The Hunt for the Trump Tapes" where he searches past media appearances done by POTUS Trump and brings them to the surface on the show. The show will air on the Viceland cable network. It's being described as a cross between "All the President's Men" crossed with "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

When asked about the series on the Howard Stern radio show, he told him, "Nobody thought I could ever be an investigative journalist, but then again, nobody thought Donald Trump could be president. Let's hope this marks the end of both our new careers."

Arnold has clearly been trying to uncover dirt and really any material he can for this series of his, thus maybe the reason he was hanging out with Cohen. With that being said, he later tweeted out the idea that after hanging with Cohen, Cohen is now "on his side".

Arnold did feel like he had to clarify though that Cohen himself did not say they were "teaming up to take down Trump", that was all him. There seemed to be some miscommunication surrounding the photo that was tweeted out as Cohen himself felt the need to also set the record straight.


After the Arnold/Cohen encounter, Arnold was invited on CNN with Poppy Harlow for an interview that would turn out to be the most awkward, uncomfortable interview he might have ever been a part of. He had people questioning whether or not he was on drugs...CNN latched onto the idea that Arnold met with Cohen last Thursday and therefore felt they were ahead of the curve. Little did they know Arnold would turn into a dead fish when asked about Cohen making people wonder if he was on drugs...he looked like he was on the verge of breaking down. He looked so pained. What's his deal here? Was this one big act? 


For even more awkwardness, you can watch the full interview below:


P.S. Let's not forget that Tom Arnold's ex wife Roseanne Barr is one of POTUS Trump's biggest supporters. 

-Producer Lightning


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