Jessica Simpson criticized for parenting of son

Singer/actress Jessica Simpson is under fire for what she allowed her husband to do with her son. So what happened? The family was having a pool day in presumably their backyard at their or their family's home and swimming around in the pool with their 4 year old son. The son has a broken arm and is wearing a waterproof cast while in the pool. However that's not what most people are chirping about. It's the fact that while swimming in the pool, her husband Eric Johnson threw the son out of his hands, doing a flip, getting some air, and landing in the pool for a big splash. Clearly, their son was having fun and a good time and yet others are claiming it's unsafe, inappropriate, and bad parenting. What do you think? Take a look at the video, here.


Are people just running their mouths or do they have legitimite reason to be concerned about Simpson and her husband's parenting? I personally remember as a child, my cousins and other family members throwing me off docks into the water for fun and I loved it! I don't think it was "child abuse". 

-Producer Lightning 


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