Late night hosts team up to take jab at Trump

Tuesday night three of the late night guys decided to all air a montage they created for their openings where they all discuss and poke fun of our POTUS Trump. This comes after POTUS Trump's rally in South Carolina the night before where he took aim at the late night hosts calling Fallon a "lost soul" and Colbert a "lowlife". In late night fashion, the guys took what Trump said, poked fun of themselves using Trump's words to reversely make him look bad. 

Let's first have a a refresher of what POTUS Trump initially said that sent these hosts to work...

Okay so you heard Trump's comments. Of course the late night hosts got wind of the comments and had to act quickly to put this skit together in time for their next shows. Now, the question is did the skit work though? Was it funny? Was it a success? VB thinks they had a good idea but missed the mark. A for effort, F for execution. He's predicting that POTUS Trump will be tweeting out about their failed attempt to get back at him, later today. We'll have to be on the lookout for that but in the meantime check out their skit. What do you think about it?

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