Delivery guy informs girl about her cheating bf

A 23 year old woman out of Iowa, Kayla Speer, decided it would be a sweet gesture to send her long distance boyfriend a sub from Jimmy John's delivered to his apartment while he's been busy studying for an upcoming exam. She contacted the local sub shop and told them she was ordering to deliver this sub for her boyfriend who is at home studying for an upcoming exam but she wanted to pay for it. 

Meanwhile, at Jimmy John's, they prepare the sandwich and the delivery man heads out to deliver the sub. Upon arriving the delivery guy can see through the window of an apartment where he spots a man in his boxers on the couch with a naked woman on top of him. It turns out that apartment with the naked woman was indeed the delivery address. The man answered the door and accepted the sandwich and went back to his fun little time.

The Jimmy John's delivery person ended up having the original purchaser's number and apparently knew the situation and decided to call the woman who placed the order. He said, 'Look, we usually don't do this, but I think you would like to know... when we walked up to the door to your bf's place we were able to see into his apartment and he was in his boxers with a naked woman on top of him on the couch." She was in total shock that she caught her boyfriend cheating on her through the Jimmy John's delivery guy. Needless to say she broke up with the boyfriend after this tip from the delivery guy. She was very grateful for the call from the delivery man even though after this story broke, many are asking if the delivery man over stepped his boundaries and should have minded his own business. Kayla was happy he did not! She tweeted her appreciation...


Kayla put the boyfriend on blast on Twitter and why shouldn't she! What takes the cake is that Jimmy John's actually responded back to Kayla, trying to be light hearted and supportive, saying they'd love to cater her breakup party!


This whole scenario opens up the conversation about what would you do if you were the delivery guy? Mind your own business or do you think he acted right here by calling the girlfriend? I personally like that he called the girlfriend. Maybe it wasn't his place but morally it seemed like the right thing to do. What do you think?

-Producer Lightning


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