Man gets police called on him for eating burrito

Thank God for this local hero who stopped the burrito eater on the train. God only knows what could have occurred had he not put a stop to this outlaw behavior on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system! Apparently it's a rule on the BART that no food is allowed in the cars so therefore eating is out of the question. When this one passenger decided to eat his lunch while in route to his next destination, little did he know he'd be publically called out not by a BART employee but by another passenger. As far as we know, the man eating the burrito was minding his own business, not inappropriately handling food or making a mess. This busy-body passenger just couldn't sit by while there is a rule breaker in his midst! Take a look at the incident on the BART.


Would you ever publically speak out to someone breaking a rule like this? Now we're not talking about a heinous crime here, we're talking about a minor offense like eating in a place you're not supposed to. If the guy is minding his own business and just so happens to be breaking a rule, is it your job to speak to him and report him? Would you? How would you feel if someone called you out for something like this?

I know I personally would not call someone else out like this if they were not bothering me or causing chaos. It's just not my style and I personally could care less if someone eats on the train when they are not supposed to. It doesn't affect me so why should I care? If the guy is responsibly eating the burrito and not making a mess, who cares? Let the BART employees handle it. Just my thoughts.

-Producer Lightning


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