"Whitney" to hit theaters July 6th

The documentary made about the iconic singer Whitney Houston is set to hit theaters, Friday July 6th. It shreds light on the emotions Whitney constantly dealt with, her turmultous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, the relationship between her, her daughter, and family, and of course her battle with drug use. The world knows how they saw Whitney, now it's time for the family to tell their story of how they saw Whitney in a more personal, intimate way. The documentary gives audiences a more "inside" look into the beloved singer's life in a way that's never been seen before. 

The trailer is out, take a look at the preview of the documentary that's to come.


When asked about the film, Director Kevin MacDonald told Good Morning America that he "wanted to tell her life story to celebrate her and to try to explain her." The media also caught up with Pat Houston, Whitney's sister-in-law and former manager, who has been making the rounds to talk and promote the film, and Houston said that this was therapautic for her husband to open up about his feelings regarding Whitney. She described it as like a presser cooking opening. Things have been bottled up by the family and this film was their way to express unresolved feelings. When asked about if the family actually enabled Whitney's drug use, Houston went on to say: "When Whitney became who she became, a superstar and an icon, Whitney wanted her family there," Pat Houston said. "Everybody else to her was a stranger, everybody else had to be hired. Her family didn't. They are going to be there regardless so I can honestly said yeah, we kind of enabled sometimes in certain things. She was a brat sometimes. For me, I called her my bratty little sister."

I don't know about you, but as I stressed yesterday to VB, some of Whitney's songs are classic, timeless, and a staple in music so I will be checking this film out. Whitney's album "Whitney Houston" was one of my first cassettes that I wore out! Just ask my mom, I insisted she play my cassette in the car over and over again. Poor woman, I probably drove her crazy! 

Again, July 6th in theaters near you, check out the film, "Whitney".

-Producer Lightning


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