Old school devices could get you hundreds today!

Do you remember having that beloved Walkman that you took everywhere to jam out to your favorite tunes before the iPod came along? Did you hang onto it just because? Were you a big gamer as a child who loved your Gameboy? If you held onto it, you might be able to cash in on it for a nice payday! These 80s, 90s, and 00s devices/tech could be worth a pretty penny today. 

Sony Walkman CD player

Walkmans: Going upwards as $1,142 for a model from the 1980s or 1990s.

  1. CD Walkmans: $170 on eBay
  2. Cassette Walkman players: $918 on eBay
Gameboy outfit
The GameBoy Advance

Nintendo Gameboys: One sold recently in it's original wrapping for $1,142 as well.

  1. Regular Gameboy model: $656 on eBay
  2. Gameboy original games: Super Mario Land 2 and Megaman V, each in it's original packaging is selling for $656

iPods: The original iPod from 2001 is listed for $15,752

  1. 2nd generation iPods: Selling for $1,575
  2. Unpackaged/used old iPods: You can get $223 even for one not in mint condition.
  3. 1st Generation iPhone: $393 in mint condition
  4. Old Macintosh computer: Ones that date back to 1984 are going on eBay for between $1,312 and $2,625
Tamagotchi Digital Pet

Other Gadgets (I had):

  1. A Tamagotchi digital pet: An original from the 1990s just sold for $752.15! I had one of these, and I loved it! I'll have to look around to see if I still have it. I might just cash it in for a good price!
  2. Nokia 3310: This cellphone from 2000 is now worth $141.77. This was my first cellphone and I know I still have it so maybe I should sell it off for a little bit of cash. Hmm...

These are just a few old tech gadets that are now worth something today. You might want to cash in on them if they're just laying around in your attic or basement wasting space. 

-Producer Lightning

*info for this article provided by Fox News


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