Scott Pruitt the next Rep. to get confronted

Scott Pruitt, the chief of the Environmental Protection Agency was the next target of a public ousting. Prior to Pruitt, it was Kirstjen Nielsen, followed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as well as Stephen Miller who have all been confronted while dining out in public. The woman who called out Pruitt, Kristin Mink (a local teacher in D.C.), was upset with Pruitt over his lack of adaquate policy regarding climate change. The others, Nielsen, Sanders, and Miller just so happen to be in the Trump administation and their jobs require them to either defend or speak about the issues they are tasked with so it was based off their affliation with POTUS Trump. With Pruitt, he is the guy headed with this particular issue/policy problem that Mink has a problem with so at least it's relevant, not just because he works for the POTUS. However it could be that too, but she stayed on topic. She told Pruitt in what appeared to be a written statement: "We deserve to have someone at the EPA who actually does protect our environment; someone who actually does believe in climate change and actually takes it seriously for the benefit of all of us, including our children, So, I would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out."


She didn't specifically call for him to be removed or anything. It appears she just wanted to get her point across to him while she saw him. This confronting of politicans in public has now become some sort of movement, possibly brought on by Representative Maxine Waters who only weeks ago publically encouraged others to disturb and confront Trump administators when you see them out in public and cause an uproar. 

These public oustings unfortunately seem to be the norm now. Let's see how long it will continue for. Most likely for the duration of POTUS Trump's term...

-Producer Lightning


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