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Jimmy Johns

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Never order your significant other surprise food delivery. Either that, or don’t be a cheating scumbag. One of those is the primary lesson to be learned from the Jimmy Johns Delivery story over the weekend. So what happened was, a young lady decided to send her boyfriend, who was three hours away studying for final exams, a sandwich from Jimmy Johns. She told the store when she placed the order who she was and that the sandwich was a surprise for her boyfriend. When the delivery guy showed up, he noticed through the window that the boyfriend was in the process of having sex with another young lady.

That’s where the dilemma kicks in. What should the delivery guy do? He knows the girlfriend was trying to do something nice for her boyfriend, and now he knows that her boyfriend’s a jerk. (Btw the boyfriend texted the girlfriend to thank her for the sandwich, he didn’t mention the other woman!) Well, the Jimmy Johns guy didn’t hesitate, he texted the girlfriend and told her what had happened. She has apparently ended the relationship with the boyfriend.

So there are three things I want you to consider here. One, the couple had been dating for three months. Is that too soon for the surprise sandwich delivery move? Full disclosure, I’ve never had the surprise food delivery trick pulled on me – dammit! Second, do companies want their employees getting involved in situations where a crime isn’t being committed? And third, is it possible that the guy didn’t really cheat on the young lady? Instead, he couldn’t figure out how to break it off with her and so he paid the Jimmy Johns guy to basically do it for him? Is that possible?

And then there’s this, how should this story end? Should the Jimmy Johns guy end up with the girlfriend? Should the boyfriend and the woman he was with go on to have a long life together? Or when the guy finishes his exams (if indeed he is in school) does he come home and win back his girlfriend? Or maybe the guy ends up as a Jimmy Johns delivery guy down the road. We’ll never know, but I love stories that have unintended outcomes, and I’ll never look at a Jimmy Johns sign again without thinking of this Midwest couple!

More wisdom next week.


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