Joey Chestnut Devours Nathan's Hot Dog Contest!

Reigning champion, Joey Chestnut claims the throne again as the king of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest that happens annually on Coney Island. This year he "devoured" (pun intended) the competition with a record 74 hot dogs eaten to take the win! However at one point the count was miscalculated by the judges. They thought he ate 64, not 74 and somehow missed 10 eaten hotdogs, fairly early on actually. How does that happen? Chestnut says, he knew it was 74 not 64 because he could feel it in his stomach and that "74 feels a lot more in the stomach than 64". Wouldn't you think after so many hot dogs that it all feels the same once you get over 20? Maybe you can feel the difference though, I mean that's a lot of hotdogs! Luckily for Chestnut, the judges went back to the tapes, recounted and saw that he did eat 74 hot dogs. The 34 year old Chestnut took home the Mustard Belt after 10 minutes of hot dog competitive eating. 

Coming in second place was Carmen Cincotti with 63 hot dogs eaten. Followed by Darron Breedan with 43 hot dogs eaten. What were the prizes for the top dogs? (pun intended)?

Joey Chestnut: $10,000

Carmen Cincotti: $5,000

Darron Breedan: $2,500

If you missed the competition, fear not, you can watch it here!


Congratulations to all the Nathan's Hot Dog winners! Just for fun, here is some nutrition data on Chestnut's intake of all those hot dogs!


-Producer Lightning


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