Lightning Round: Month of June

A lot happened this past June in the headlines, so much so that you might not remember everything with how quickly news develops and takes over day to day. What were the big news stories? What did POTUS Trump do or say this time? I have all those answers for you as well as a recap right here for the first month of summer, June!

Entire Month of June

Show Talked About POTUS TRUMP: 50%

Show Talked Without Trump: 50%

This past month, as you can tell, was evenly divided where half the time we talked about what Trump said or did and the other we were covering breaking news, local stories, society/culture stories, or other politics that surprisingly Trump wasn't directly involved with (yet anyway).

Week 1 Big Topics were:

  • Samantha Bee puts Ivanka Trump on blast on her TV Show "Full Frontal"
  • POTUS Trump might pardon Martha Stewart & considers other celebrities

*38% of the show as a whole this week talked about Trump (only one day as it was a Friday)

Samantha Bee

Week 2 Big Topics:

  • Kate Spade dies of suicide
  • Anthony Bourdain dies of suicide
  • Supreme Court rules in favor of baker in "gay wedding cake case"

*26% of show as a whole this week talked about Trump

Kate Spade

Week 3 Big Topics:

  • G7 Summit happened over the weekend-recap/fallout
  • Kim Jong-Un meets with POTUS Trump for 1st time in Singapore
  • iHOP changes its name to iHOB

*61% of show as a whole talked about Trump this week

Kim Jong-Un handshake with POTUS Trump

Week 4 Big Topics:

  • Immigration policy for/at the border-executive order
  • FBI investigation-story into Peter Strok
  • Kirstjen Nielsen gets harassed at Mexican restaurant

*63% talked about Trump as a whole this week

Immigration at the Texas border

Week 5 Big Topics:

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets kicked out of Red Hen restaurant 
  • Maxine Waters calls for people to protest Trump adminstration members in public
  • Annapolis newspaper shooting tragedy
  • Supreme Court member Kennedy is retiring (new position opens up)

*47% talked about Trump this week)

Woman mourns at Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis

That's this past June's stats for Boston's Morning Show! More stats for everyone next month.

-Producer Lightning


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